You must have heard more than once that you should make time to go to the gym for your health and your body maintenance. Sometimes life is overwhelming with all those tasks and chores piling up ahead of you. You've got zero time for yourself, and you feel your body reflecting all those hours working at your desk.  When you finally get some "me time" you don't want to exhaust yourself at the gym,  you might feel more like a nice warm bath over going to the gym; you are just tired! You are not alone, and this post is for busy people like you. Find here some mindful information & tips for women and men who don't have time to exercise.

Mindful eating. 

Yes, I know. Working all day, taking care of children and making sure your house is lovely and tidy sometimes makes you feel like eating some fast food to avoid fainting and keep rolling. And I know you know this, but someone’s gotta say it. Well, that's a terrible idea in so many ways! 

First of all, being active all day requires proper nutrients that I'm sure you won't find in a burger or a Starbucks panini, as delicious as it is. Try to cook some adequate food in advance. Visit a nutritionist for advice, and you might even improve your whole family's eating habits and food quality.

What about some exercise in place?

Going to the gym is not just about the regular effort to exercise, but you got to get there, and your trainer most likely requires from one to two hours of your valuable time. But maybe you could do a couple of crunches in your bed before taking your morning shower, or perhaps some squats while washing the dishes: for sure you can change the elevator for the stairs! It's all about getting the most of your time! 


And this is my trick to feeling the best version of myself every day! CoolSculpting is our specialty for these cases. With no downtime and with around an hour of your day we can help you destroy any targeted fat you want to get rid of to keep rocking the world! 

More than a way to lose huge amounts of weight, this aesthetic treatment destroys stubborn fat in specific areas where exercise and diet sometimes fail to help us out. A few years ago, I had some CoolSculpting done. It worked so well, that I brought it into my practice at CoolRoom. The best part of it, the results are not just remarkable but lasting, given the fat is frozen and destroyed for good. 

CoolSculpting is a great non-invasive procedure for men and women struggling with getting rid of fat in specific areas, resulting in them feeling not so confident about themselves. Feeling great in your own body and your clothes, especially when you have other priorities or no time to exercise, can go a long way to being the best you! We want to share this happiness with all our patients, and be with them when they achieve their body goals in a safe and effective way. In CoolRoom our mission is to know you and boost you to the stars loving how you feel in your body every day of your life!   

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and book a free consultation now!