If you are here, you probably want further information about CoolSculpting, and how it can help you feel your best self. Imagine destroying fat you can't get rid of with diet or exercise, by freezing it. How COOL is that? It is even better when you get to know all the areas CoolSculpting can treat! Let’s talk about this versatile and effective aesthetic procedure some more.

It's all about the proper tools.

Jessica works every day to stay fit, she loves taking care of her body, but she has trouble contouring her inner thighs. Sucks! With this hot heat, no one wants their thighs rubbing together, and getting rid of that fat is just so hard. No matter how much you exercise.

A friend of hers just had CoolSculpting in her abdomen and suggested she book a complimentary consultation for her to get a customized treatment plan for the area she wants to freeze.

CoolSculpting is designed keeping in mind that every single body is different. We use a wide array of applicators, each sized to achieve optimal results in specific areas according to your desires. The applicator we use will depend on your body shape and the areas you want to treat. Let's see how specific CoolSculpting is and what areas of the body it can target:

Anterior or posterior flanks

The infamous love-handles. Doctors say that when they appear, it's almost impossible to get rid of them, but CoolSculpting is here to change that!


Saggy skin related to aging, weight loss, decreased muscle tone from inactivity or injury. You name it; many factors affect the appearance of the knee area. CoolSculpting professionals know this and designed an applicator just for the knees!

Banana fold

Most people have them to some extent and none of them come to love it. Forget about surgery as a solution for that roll under your butt! Fat cells hate cold, and we know how to use that to your advantage!

Now, let's have a look at the most sought after treatment area!

Upper or lower abdomen

All those crunches didn't deliver the desired results? You don't need to worry about that anymore after your CoolSculpting treatment.


Lifting isn't the fastest way to success, let alone the COOLest.


Age and genetics are the main culprits of a rounded chin. If you want to refine your beautiful face while remaining scar-free- CoolSculpting is what you want!

Want to know if CoolSculpting is for you?

CoolSculpting isn't just a muffin-top solution. We eliminate fat under your chin, in the backs of your arms, your bra-area back fat and your flanks, even your banana roll. Your inner and outer thighs? We've got your back! Do you worry about fat above your knees? Not after CoolSculpting.

Anywhere you have unwanted fat; this treatment can help you. And if you need more cool perks, we don't use any needles. There's no anesthesia, incisions or stitches like a surgery. There's no downtime or healing that is required after the treatment.

Click the link below, give us a call and schedule your consultation today. We look forward to seeing you soon!