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CoolRoom is the only business in the region that specializes in helping you regain confidence and control in your body using the latest non-invasive body sculpting technologies available.

Using CoolSculpting for fat reduction, EmSculpt for muscle toning, and Emsella for intimate wellness, as well as our unique CoolRoom process, we’re able to improve our client’s confidence through body transformation risk- and hassle-free within 35 minutes.
We are the best at what we do and we love helping our clients of all shapes and sizes get the body they desire!

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Body Sculpting Specialists
Miranda Podlesh, RN
CoolSculpting Expert & Body Sculpting Specialist
Emily P. Arce
CoolSculpting Expert & Body Sculpting Specialist
Cameron Johnson
CoolSculpting Expert & Body Sculpting Specialist
Claudia Frein
Body Sculpting
Morghan Gaskill
Body Sculpting
Lindsay Anderson 
Body Sculpting

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